Hotel Umawue gives you the perfect mix between functionality and warmth. With spaces that make you feel comfortable and welcomed. Located in a strategic point of Concepción that allows you to connect with the entrance and exit of the city, without losing the tranquility of the sector in which it is located.

We care that our service is of excellence and also to comply with all the global criteria of tourism sustainability, in the socio-cultural, environmental and economic areas.

Committed to the environment of the area, our main water heating system is executed through solar panels. We also have energy saving systems and eco-efficient water systems. Biodegradable products are used in the cleaning and we manage the waste through a clean point.

Most of our suppliers and producers are local and we care about training those who are part of our hotel, in this way we support the sustainable development of the area and our collaborators. It should be noted that Hotel Umawue establishes the practices of the World Fair Trade Organization among our suppliers and collaborators, both external and internal.

Ver aquí Política de Sustentabilidad Hotel Umawue

Part of the history of our country we want to spread it through our dependencies. Starting with the decoration we wanted to set as if we were in the south of Chile, working with wood, highlighting craft products such as wicker lamps and historical objects such as cancagua. Through our restaurant, we wanted to empower local producers and the realization of original dishes.

The capital of the Bío Bío Region has different free circuits for the community, with natural attractions, preserving the flora and fauna of the place. You can visit the five water mirrors of the city the Redonda lagoon, Tres Pascualas, Lo Galindo, Lo Méndez and Lo Custodio; trekking in the Nonguén National Reserve, which is the last important remnant of the Concepción deciduous forest in which work is being done to conserve biodiversity; also a walk through Cerro Caracol, green lung located in the heart of the city; or visit the different beaches in the surroundings, among other activities.

For these and more activities you can visit AgendaConce or Turismo Concepción

Responsable Turist

The National Tourism Service, SERNATUR, drafted the responsible tourist code, so that visitors to tourism destinations are aware of sustainable attitudes.

Here we leave the recommendations:

  • Value local traditions and customs.
  • Support the local economy.
  • Respect the environment.
  • Be careful when visiting wilderness, heritage, archeological or other areas that seem fragile and / or valuable.
  • Be an informed and respectful traveler.

We invite you to read all the points included in each of the recommendations, by clicking here.

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